Effeminate Men

One sin that has flown under the radar for a considerable amount of time in our society is the sin of effeminacy in men. Today Bryce and I make a biblical case on why this is indeed a sin for a man to be effeminate and what effeminacy can look like in society. We walk through practical steps to overcome such sinfulness and how to be watchful against it in our own lives as men. 

Zachary Garris : Masculine Christianity 

San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus Video
-> Biblical response to that video

Key Texts: 1 Corinthians 6:916:13Deuteronomy 22:5Matthew 11:7-9

My guest joining me this week on the Sunday series is my brother Bryce. Bryce is getting his undergraduate degree in philosophy and hopes to get his MDiv. from a seminary after he completes his undergrad. He hopes to be a pastor shepherding Gods people one day.

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