Welcome fellow image-bearer! There is a brief introduction of me on the home page of this site, but I wanted to do something a little bit longer for you to get to know me even more. This will be the only autobiography I have ever written so bear with me! I was born into a standard 2 parent home with parents that were always together. I never had divorce or anything like that to experience, just faithful parents. My dad was in the flooring industry and owned his own business and my mom virtually followed my brother and I wherever we went in the public school systems. I have just the one brother and we didn’t particularly enjoy each other growing up. He was always in my life and I never exactly hated his guts but we weren’t the best of friends either.

I was put into an accelerated learning program in school, and through that I met a young Christian boy named Nathan. He and I instantly became pals and we remained good friends all throughout middle school and high school. Nathan was a faithful friend and was always there to provide an avenue to hear the gospel and know who God is. Not much happened in those formative years but it can be summed up in pagan idolatry.

Come high school I began to think on my own and consider reality. I was faced with my own mortality as a consequence of realizing what the world was truly like. There was no death in the family or anything like that to trigger such thoughts, but I considered my own reality nonetheless. My days are indeed numbered (and they still are but now there is hope). As this reality and existential crisis set in, I began attending a bible study that Nathan and his friend Chad had in Chad’s basement. I began to hear the word of God and have the gospel proclaimed to me on a regular basis. In the meantime, I am struggling with insomnia and restlessness every night as I considered my own morality. I began considering all the religions and the claims of each and tried to understand what the truth is. Little did I know, God was beginning to open my eyes to see the truth of his universe.

I first came to atheism and determined that it is impossible to live as a humans have lived the past 6000 years without the conception of God. Atheism was actually not an idea I played with because of its absurdity from the get go. It only made sense that things were created by an uncreated first cause even in the midst contemporary evolutionary teaching and natural history of geology rejecting all notions. I then turned to theism because it was the only thing satisfying my base metaphysical assumptions. I looked at all the other religions but none of them dealt with sin and reconciled humans together like Christianity. Christianity spread through the death of martyrs rather than the sword. Jesus was fundamentally different to me. He was strong yet gentle and died for my sins. That notion floored me and some night, still unknown to me, I started following Jesus! That was at some time at the end of my junior year of high school and I spent my senior year being a baby Christian but still truly believing.

I went to university and got my bachelors and got involved in an assemblies of God ministry that helped me search the scriptures to find what is true. I disagree with their theology entirely and I had to listen and read to determine what his word truly says. I saw the way they dealt with emotionalism, the gift of tongues, and a lack of the word of God that compelled me to figure out why their theology was wrong. By the end of it, I was a reformed flavor of Christian and landed in a place of Calvinistic soteriology and the doctrines of grace that come out of the reformation. I am recently finished up my masters degree in Environmental Engineering and started a full time job at an environmental corporation. Also, (Lord willing) I will be married this fall!!!

So there is a short story about me and what God has done in my life. The process of sanctification has been so encouraging yet so discouraging at the same time. I still struggle with sins that plagued me before I started following Jesus, yet many things God has already completely changed my heart on and I no longer want them. My sin although great is no match for God’s grace and the atoning work of Jesus Christ (his obedience, death, burial, resurrection, and advocacy as a mediator to this day). My entire walk with Jesus has been justified by his blood but let me encourage you, never stop getting up when you stumble. Your sin will plague you all the days you walk but there is victory in Christ and there is considerable victory you can have over your sin this side of the cross. God has opened my eyes to Jesus as the KING.

For The King – Rocky