Religion and Science (Part 1)

This Wednesday I dive into the ideas of a very famous agnostic/scientist/mathematician/philosopher names Bertrand Russell. Russell was a brilliant man with a great understanding of the natural world. Sadly, he decided that truth for him was that there was no good reason that there is a God, or that the mind survives the death of the body. He was famous for his agnosticism and criticism of religion. He dealt mainly with Christianity but deals with the question of a monotheistic God in general. This book is a look into the history of religion and the onset of Christianity. I do not labor to pick out a lot of quotes from the book, but rather a few of the big ideas from each chapter and interact directly with those ideas. My goal here is to show the flaw in his logic and thinking that made him critical of religion. Nothing in the book would point one away from religion in my opinion. This episode is part 1 of a 2 part series I am doing on the book. 

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Russell’s views 
Highlights of Russell’s works
John Lennox on Religion and Science

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