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Defying Tyrants: A ministry by Matthew Trewhella, pastor of Mercy Street Christian Church in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Doug Wilson’s website: He is pastor of Christ Church in Moscow Idaho. You can find his blog and good teaching here.

Dr. James White has a ministry called Alpha and Omega ministry. He has done 100+ debates over the years and is a defender of orthodox Christianity

Other Good Podcasts -> A podcast about biblical masculinity and the softness present in the church today
Cult Ministry & Podcast -> arm of apologia studios
Theology & Philosophy of Religion podcast
Christian Living Podcast -> arm of Ligionier
Don’t agree with EVERYTHING, but overall it is a good news commentary from a Christian perspective.
Arm of Douglas Wilson’s ministry , Pastor in Christ Church in Moscow, Idaho
Arm of Douglas Wilson’s ministry , Pastor in Christ Church in Moscow, Idaho
Brothers from the founders ministry. They are based out of Florida and have great content considered Evangelicalism demise and engaging the culture through correct theology on the Lordship of Christ.
A podcast focusing on Bitcoin and Christianity. Where we explore Christian responsibility in adopting Bitcoin; How Bitcoin helps Christians align with God’s plan; and How Bitcoin can be used in Christian Missions.

Podcast by Patrick C. Melder, MD. Patrick is a trained Ear, Nose & Throat surgeon, and sleep specialist. He trained at Walter Reed Army Medical center and was on active duty with the US Army for 13 years. He left the Army in 2006 as a Lieutenant Colonel and started his private practice career. Patrick did his undergraduate studies at Houston Baptist University and attended medical school at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center. He was an Alpha Omega Alpha graduate. Patrick holds nearly thirty US and international patents. Patrick has been involved in church ministry from positions as an elder and lay missions pastor. He is passionate about God’s mission to the ends of the earth. He’s been on numerous mission trips to: Guatemala, Indonesia, India, and Ukraine. Patrick is also a serial entrepreneur. He first learned about Bitcoin in 2013 but made his first purchase in 2018 and has HODLd ever since. He’s written extensively about Bitcoin’s truths and the impact it has on believers and non-believers. His essays can be found on Medium @67corvette. Patrick also hosts a weekly podcast: Mission:Bitcoin wherein he interviews guests and discusses the intersection between Bitcoin and Christian faith.
Reformational Philosophy and Theonomy by Dr. Joseph Boot. They maintain that politics and Christianity most certainly collide -> cross politic is a news commentary from a biblical worldview based out of Christ Church Moscow where Douglas Wilson ministers. -> Podcast of Dr. James White of Alpha & Omega ministries.

My Fellow Christian Friends: Bloggers and Content Creators -> Patrick C. Melder’s blog from the Mission : Bitcoin podcast

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