Say Things you Believe out Loud

The world is in a dire need for more Christian culture. The Secularists would certainly disagree with this claim, but I don’t care. Christian culture is far more beautiful than any other culture in the world. It creates an environment in society where humans are given the tools to thrive. They are given a vision of what it means to be human. Any alternative is a man-made horror that distorts humanity rather than contributes and restores it. Christians are far too comfortable with being pushed to the edge of society for the sake of “being nice” when the pagan is happy to talk their worldview down your throat at every turn.

Imagine you walk into the office,

“Hey Billy Bob, how are you?”

“I’m fine, hey did you see the Grammy’s last night? Sam Smith was dressed as the devil, what a thing he has done.”

You think to yourself, “I don’t have an inkling of interest in what some homosexual celebrity is doing. Why is this guy shoving his worldview and love of evil down my throat in conversation? I want to tell him that dressing up as Satan and being homosexual at the same time isn’t something God is pleased with, but I don’t want to upset him. I’m upset that he loves this blatant act of wickedness but he doesn’t seem to care. I’ll just not say anything.”

Do you see that he is subjecting you to his worldview? That he is allowed to bring up his love for wicked things but you can’t bring up your love for righteous things? How did we get to this point where wickedness goes unchallenged like this? That if we open our mouths we are told to shut it, yet they are allowed to open theirs. They don’t know God so there is no category in their mind for hypocrisy, yet they are hypocrites. They accuse you of what they themselves do. 

We need more Christian culture. We need more instances of saying out loud, in public places, our thoughts about noble things. They freely speak of evil, why don’t we freely speak of good? If you are out in public at a dinner table with your wife, have that very normal conversation about God’s word. Talk about our Father, in public places. Hum a hymn while you walk through the hallways. Let’s leaven the lump.

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