Marvel and DC’s War on God: Doctor Strange, Aleister Crowley, and the Multiverse of Satanism with Pastor Joe Schimmel

Many are unaware of the true history of one of today’s most popular Marvel characters, Doctor Strange. What is the connection to Satanist Aleister Crowley, Satanism, the ancient heresy of Gnosticism and Doctor Strange? To truly understand the spiritual foundation of Marvel cosmology, one must first understand the influence behind many of the comic book writers. I hope you enjoy my second discussion with Pastor Joe Schimmel from GoodFight Ministries about the deceitfulness of Marvel and DC comics. This episode highlights the second part of their 7-part series on Marvel and DC’s War on God. We hone in on Satanism and Aleister Crowley. Please visit the links below to watch the film!

Visit here to watch the film
Trailer of the film
Dr. Strange’s Satanic Origins

Marvel & DC’s War on God is a 7-Part series developed by Pastor Joe Schimmel and Good Fight Ministries. After studying and researching the movies, the comic books, as well as the writers behind these stories, it became apparent that there was a spiritual component influencing these stories that is anti-God.

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