The Gospel Scope & Vocation

“Therefore, a poor workman, faithfully using the gift God has given him, pleases God no less than a preacher of the Word, for he served God in the same faith and with the same Spirit.” – Martin Luther’s Commentary on Galatians Chapter 5

This week we apply the Gospel to the idea of vocation (calling)/work. Many Christian teachers want to make you feel bad for your work, however Christ never meant any such thing in his word. We are all priests and workers in the kingdom of God. Thanks for listening!

Key Texts:
Romans 12:1
Exodus 19:6 with 1 Peter 2:9
Matthew 5:16
1 Corinthians 7
Ezra 1:5
Exodus 28:2-3 ; 36:1
Ecclesiastes 3:12 ->
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