My Experience Protesting Against Pro-Choice Heathens

As we all know, Roe v. Wade has been overturned in our land and now legislators are scrambling to decide how they will legislate at the state level concerning abortion. I recently attended a protest at my capitol building to defend the rights of the preborn and to call many pro aborts attending to repent of their sin. What is their sin exactly? It is the sin of Murder. You can either be the murderer (the abortionist) or the mother (an accessory to murder). This is what is at stake. This is the only consistent position if you are going to try and argue that abortion is wrong/evil. I hope you understand me correctly, if abortion is murder, the only consistent position is that the abortionist is a murderer and the mother is an accessory to the crime. She hired a hit man to enter her womb and destroy the human that is in the womb. This is the position that I presented to many pro-choice activists at the protest. I would like to walk through some of my experience and some of the accusations that was thrown my way. I hope to write soon about Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s theory of stupidity, which can help us understand the stupidity of the points you are about to hear.

1.) What are YOU doing to help these women bring these children to term. Are you going to adopt these children?

Rebut: You fool. Am I liable to give the thief 50 bucks because of his hard life? And if he is unable to get help from me or others and resorts to thievery is it his fault or mine? Have you lost your mind? You, pro-choicer, are the one that chose to have sex and risk CREATING A HUMAN. You can’t pin that on the Christians. It is no one else’s fault but the woman’s fault that chooses to get an abortion in the first place. As ridiculous as it would be to charge me with theft if a thief steals something because I wouldn’t or wasn’t able to help him, it’s equally as ridiculous to ask the question above. Theft is theft no matter how poor you are and murder is murder no matter how poor you are.

2.) Stop shoving your religion down my throat

Rebut: Stop shoving your secular atheism down mine you freak. You want your people in the statehouse to legislate your morality and I want my brothers in the statehouse to legislate God’s immutable law. This is a classic manipulation tactic, its called projecting. You are doing the exact thing you accuse your enemy of doing. The left is filled with utter hypocrisy and hypocrisy doesn’t work in the long run.

3.) It’s a woman right because she has autonomy over her body

Rebut: I don’t have autonomy over my body… Do you? Can I take my body and wield a knife and go stabbing in any direction I can until it meets the body of my enemy? No that’s called assault. There is no such thing as complete autonomy. So we need to determine what we can do with our bodies. Lions have no problem exercising there bodily autonomy to destroy a gazelle. So did they do anything wrong? No because they are animals and devoid of God’s image so they do whatever they want. The same animalistic tendency the lion has to rip the gazelles womb open after the attack to devour the whole animal (and the baby gazelle inside) is the same thing the pro-choice anti-human humans are doing. They are just expressing their darwinistic principle that they are just animals, so they can destroy their own young. That’s what animals do not humans. We don’t have unfettered autonomy because there is such as thing as right and wrong in human society.

4.) God gave us free-will to choose him so women all have free-will to do whatever they want with their pregnancy

Rebut: God has not given us a completely free will to choose whatever we want. I didn’t choose my family or country I was born in or how tall I would be. Those are my physical restraints, but there are also spiritual restraints (total depravity) that keep me from doing good. Psalm 53 clearly states that there is no one who does good in the eyes of God. We are enslaved to sin until Christ would loose our bonds. Again, because there is a right and wrong we can’t make whatever decisions we want, and I hate to break it to you, we are much more inclined to sin as humans than we are to do good.

5.) How can you tell other people what to do with their bodies? Have you carried a baby? You are a (white) man!

Rebut: In the same sense I can tell the thief to not steal even though I have never stolen, or I can tell the murderer not to murder even though I’ve never murdered. You don’t have to experience every possibility on earth to have an opinion on the matter. That’s called standpoint epistemology and it’s another feeling based tactic on the left. it’s only a half truth. There are some things you learn upon experience, but experience isn’t the ONLY way you can understand something. Also me being white has nothing to do with it so shut up racist. Neither does me being a man for that matter, sexist.

6.) White men are deciding our rights for us. We don’t want them

Rebut: Being white has nothing to do with your ability to understand rights. Any ethnicity can understand what rights are. I asked many people at the capitol building where rights come from. I didn’t have one person tell me where rights come from. The reason is because they don’t know. They haven’t even thought about it for 2 seconds. Either rights come from an immutable source (God) or they are changing and thus not a right but rather a constantly changing subjective opinion that society accepts. Just because you don’t want your rights doesn’t mean you don’t have them, hence why they are inalienable. They are also inalienable for the child in your womb and he/she has a right to not be murdered!

All of these points fall so short and are idiotic to their core. They are not consistent with the world that we live in and do not pass the test of logical coherence in God’s world. The saddest part of my experience at the state capitol, with all the screaming and yelling in my face, was a single man at the top of the capital steps. He was the only consistent pro-abortion activist there that day. I respected him more than any of these other people, not because of his position (which is diabolic), but because he was intellectually honest and consistent with his own worldview of secular atheism. He was holding a replica of a sign that an abolitionist Christian would use outside of an abortion clinic. Something like this…

As he is holding this sign he is screaming, “we have only killed 65 million babies, why stop there, we are only getting started baby”. This is high wickedness and he will be judged for every careless word he uttered that day. At the end of the day however, he was the only consistent pro-choice activist at that rally. They all know that it is murder. They know it is wicked and evil. The law of God is written on their hearts. They are ashamed so they lash out in fits of incoherent rage. That picture above shows a completely genetically unique human. he/she was their own person unique from their mother. His/Her mother destroyed them in the womb. This is murder, and they try their best to show no shame.

The amount of older folks at the rally really surprised me as well. There were countless 60-70 year old men and women that came up to me telling me I was stupid. The older generation has in large abandoned young people like me and have left the other young people to their own stupidity. We lack elders in our land, we lack seasoned wisdom. However, through God’s word you and I can be that next wise generation, for we too will be 60 years old one day, and may God bless this country through the next generations to come. Not repeating the sins of our fathers, as those baby boomers have taught us nothing of Christ. Let us becomes oaks of righteousness planted in the land (Isa. 61:3).

For The King, Rocky

2 thoughts on “My Experience Protesting Against Pro-Choice Heathens

  1. Hello from the UK

    Many thanks for your post. It is very helpful, and the first I would say that I have seen to set out the points in the way you do.

    I might add that the problem has to do with rights not responsibilities. People are keen to focus on their so-called rights, ignoring their responsibilities. In the UK a welfare state has exacerbated this hugely.

    The left relies on feelings to justify its stance, with no logic whatsoever. An anagram of left is felt so this makes sense.

    Another matter is the abortionist who carries out abortions is making money from it. If Federal or State funding is given to subsidise this, then those who object to abortions are in essence funding the evil in part.

    The point you make about 60-70 year olds is notable. I have seen posts on the internet and it seems this is the case in the posters blogs. Many were part of the generation of hippies, drugs and so-called ‘free’ love.

    It is difficult to judge in every case, but certainly I observe evidence of a dysfunctional childhood, missing or dead father, or sexual or mental abuse.

    Satan caused great misery in two world wars and the loss of good fathers has caused much suffering and misery.

    Many thanks again.

    Kind regards

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    • Thanks for the comment brother!

      I am with you that we need to center the conversation on rights because if people have a right to something then they ought to do it. However, responsibilities can be ignored and neglected like you are saying. If we can make a case that they have no right to do something then it forces them to consider their responsibilities.

      yeah the 60-70 years are no longer grey haired, wisdom filled, elders of the land like Job, but rather atheistic hippies, like you said. Can’t agree more with the things you said in this comments.

      For The King!

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