Bill C-4 in Canada and January 16th, 2022


This Sunday, church leaders across the globe join our Canadian brothers and sisters in speaking the clear biblical truth about the church’s view on human sexuality. This is exactly what Christians should do in the midst of persecutions. They should preach the clear message of Jesus Christ from the pulpit being careful to teach the full council of God’s word.

“preach the word; be ready in season and out of season; reprove, rebuke, and exhort, with complete patience and teaching.” -2 Timothy 4:2 ESV

If you have not heard then incline your ear to my words. Canada has passed a pagan bill outlawing the Christian worldview in Canada. This Sunday is dedicated to supporting our brothers and sisters in Canada by preaching God’s law against the sexual perversions of our modern day. There will be faithful pastors in Canada like James Coates and Joe Boot that will be preaching on the topic this Sunday. They will thus be criminalizing themselves and risk because arrested and taken away from their family. These are the kind of men we need in Christendom. I thank God for them but I also am apprehensive to see what takes place this Sunday. I am no pastor, so I am unable to deliver a sermon this Sunday. However, I do have my podcast and this platform. I intend to speak on the topic as well and condemn the perversion of sexuality in our modern day. I have already addressed the topic here and here and I continue to do so because this is what it means to love your neighbor. On page 33 of J Gresham Machen’s book Christianity and Liberalism, he states

The Golden Rule furnishes an example. “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you”–is that rule a rule of universal application, will it really solve all the problems of society? A little experience shows that such is not the case. Help a drunkard to get rid of his evil habit, and you will soon Christianity & Liberalism come to distrust the modern interpretation of the Golden Rule. The trouble is that the drunkard’s companions apply the rule only too well; they do unto him exactly what they would have him do unto them –by buying him a drink. The Golden Rule becomes a powerful obstacle in the way of moral advance. But the trouble does not lie in the rule itself; it lies in the modern interpretation of the rule. The error consists in supposing that the Golden Rule, with the rest of the Sermon on the Mount, is addressed to the whole world. As a matter of fact the whole discourse is expressly addressed to Jesus’ disciples; and from them the great world outside is distinguished in the plainest possible way. The persons to whom the Golden Rule is addressed are persons in whom a great change has been wrought–a change which fits them for entrance into the Kingdom of God. 1

True love calls for a right-side upness to reality. Unfortunately, our society has turned things upside down and they beckon us to do the same. This has been a long time coming and our eyes, however, have been shut. We should not be surprised that the west has ended up in a place like bill C-4. We have utterly abandoned God’s word as the standard by which we live by and build civilizations on. However, there is nothing new under the sun and the world’s affront to God’s word has happened before and will happen again.

On page 59 of J Gresham Machen’s book Christianity and Liberalism, he states,

“But the loss of the consciousness of sin is far deeper than the war; it has its roots in a mighty spiritual process which has been active during the past seventy-five years. Like other great movements, that process has come silently—so silently that its results have been achieved before the plain man was even aware of what was taking place. Nevertheless, despite all superficial continuity, a remarkable change has come about within the last seventy-five years. The change is nothing less that the substitution of paganism for Christianity as the dominant view of life. Seventy-five years ago, Western civilization, despite inconsistencies, was still predominantly Christian; today it is predominantly pagan.”2

This quote is quite revealing of what we have missed in the church in the present day. Machen was commenting on liberalism this way in 1923! Have we fallen asleep? There are two competing worldviews at war in the west. That of secularism and that of historic Christian values. There is no neutrality and we must realize we are in a war. We sit idly as God’s word is trampled upon and watch the loss of freedoms that Christians have enjoyed in the west for thousands of years. We send out missionaries in swathes, yet we haven’t evangelized our own house. Machen called the west pagan in 1923 and if you think things have gotten better then prudence would call for you to look around and wake up.

We have been given marching orders (Matt. 28:18-20). There is no peacemaking with evil. We go to battle every day, and now our Canadian brothers go to war this Sunday. We ought to wake up in the church and see what is happening. Christianity is outlawed in Canada and it most definitely can happen here. The enemy is on our turf, stand up or get stood on. Pray diligently for our brothers and sisters in Canada. May the Lord have mercy on us.

For The King, Rocky

(1) Machen, J. G., & Wilson, D. (2020). Chapter 2: Doctrine. In Christianity and Liberalism (pp. 33). essay, Canon Press.

(2) Machen, J. G., & Wilson, D. (2020). Chapter 3: God And Man. In Christianity and Liberalism (pp. 59). essay, Canon Press.

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