Interview: Dr. Ben Edwards on Covid-19, Vaccine theory, and the Four Pillars of Health (part 2)

This Wednesday I have the pleasure of continuing my interview with brother Dr. Ben Edwards. Dr. Edwards M.D is a practicing physician at Veritas Medical with locations on the west side of Texas. He is the proprietor of the “You’re the Cure” podcast/radio program and graduated from UT-Houston medical school. He started off as a conventional doctor but changed his mind after a life experience that left him clueless as to the current medical system. Our conversation was enlightening and fascinating on so many levels. It was amazing to have this podcast and have the opportunity to interact with him personally as the interviewer. I hope you enjoy the episode and the truth conveyed there within.

The clinic:
The podcast archives:
I could not find the telegram for the life of me. They have a telegram page though!

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