Canada’s Bill C-4 / The Church and Covid-19

This episode I walk through Canada’s new horrific bill that has royal ascent and to be put into legislation 30 days after that ascent. The bill criminalized up to 5 years in prison for forcing any individual to undergo conversion therapy (in other words counseled in a biblical worldview of human sexuality). You can also be imprisoned for up to 2 years for just advertising the practice. After that I walk though one of Joe Rogan’s recent guests, Peter A. McCullough and his clinical expertise on how the nation has reacted to Covid-19 and his claim that the church along with the rest of the world has undergone a mass psychosis similar to that in cults and Nazi Germany.

Key Texts: Daniel 7:13-14; Romans 1; 1 Peter 2; Romans 13

Here is Canada’s Bill C-4 :
Here is Joe Rogan’s episode with Dr. McCullough :

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