Masculinity & Femininity Everywhere Else

This Sunday we finish our series on Biblical Gender Roles. We have seen how gender roles apply in homes and churches, but to keep ourselves consistent with what scripture teaches, we must extend its application to the civil sphere and beyond as well. God has designed the world a certain way. Gods word, logic, reasoning, mathematics, etc. are all used in God’s world. They help guide us and are used in every walk of life. Thus, is it no different for gender roles, they apply in all scenarios. Thanks for listening and enjoy!

Key Texts: Isaiah 3:12; Deuteronomy 22:5; Nahum 3:13

My guest joining me this week on the Sunday series is my brother Bryce. Bryce is getting his undergraduate degree in philosophy and hopes to get his MDiv. from a seminary after he completes his undergrad. He hopes to be a pastor shepherding Gods people one day.

Garris, Z.M. (2020). Masculine Christianity. Reformation Zion Publishing, p. 50,250,264-265

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