Interview: Keagan, an Agnostic Atheist (part 2)

Today, on the For The King podcast, I am joined with one of my good friends. Keagan and I met at college during our undergraduate careers and we soon became good friends doing lots of random things together. Today Keagan and I continue on our discussion of our worldviews. This episode is more of a debate/dialogue than the first part of this interview. Tune in and hear Keagan espouse his beliefs and I mine. We both take time to defend our views and press each other on some of the points that we disagree with the other. Thank you for listening!

Resources: -> Good analysis of evil -> Generally atheism is a denial of God or of the gods, and if religion is defined in terms of belief in spiritual beings, then atheism is the rejection of all religious belief. -> To determine if Atheism is a religion we need to define religion. The answer is based upon how you define religion. I would say that humans always worship something and always have a set of metaphysical values they adhere to. Of this list I would say religion is best defined the 4th way.


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