Q/A With a Friend: Can the Bible be Trusted?

This week, I am joined with a few friends of mine. Matt got his degree in supply chain management and had some questions for us today concerning the validity of the bible and the Christian worldview. I am also joined by my friends Carter and Noah who are brothers. Carter is a mechanical engineer and Noah just finished his degree in biomedical engineering.
Matt asks us many questions concerning how we can trust the bible and what Christians believe are the very words of God. Join us and listen to matts questions and how we handle answering them. We are all really good friends so there is no hard feelings but only love between us all. Enjoy the conversation and please reach out if any points were interesting to you or baseless. Thanks for listening!
Continues learning

Textual Criticism


Christian Society

https://christintheclassroom.org/vol_18/18cc_355-358.htm -> Sociology of a Christian worldview

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